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Purchasing Frequently Asked Questions

Updated 16/05/05

Q. When can I buy your software?

Aemulor : Available now
Aemulor Pro : Available now
Geminus : Available now
Cino : Under development
DeskDebug : Available now

Q. Where can I buy your software?

All our software is available for purchasing online at buyit.spellings.net or from your local Acorn/RISC OS dealer

Q. What if I dont have Internet access - can I still purchase your software?

How are you reading this? :-) If you dont have net access you will need to obtain your copy from your local dealer in this situation. You should note that the Internet will be the primary means of distribution of future updates and bug fixes.

Q. Do I need a credit/debit card to purchase online?

Credit/debit card purchasing is our preffered method, however its not essential. To purchase software without a credit or debit card, there is a link on the purchase page containing details on how to send us a cheque, or pay by BACS transfer. You will still need to visit buyit.spellings.net to download your software once we have received your cheque. Credit/debit card purchasers get instant access to the software on completing their purchases, whereas sending payment by cheque you will have to wait until funds have been cleared.

Q. Is your online credit card purchasing secure?

Yes. Your card details are encrypted using 128-bit SSL encryption. We do not store your credit card details anywhere for maximum security.

Q. I am having problems using SSL - can I telephone you my credit card details?

Yes. The details are on the purchasing pages.

Q. I live outside of the UK. Do I still have to pay VAT?

This depends on two things. Whether you live within the European Union, and if you do, whether you are a VAT-registered company outside of the UK.

If you live in any of the following countries, then you have to pay VAT @ 17.5% on your purchase :

EU member countries
United Kingdom and Northern Ireland
Czech Republic
Denmark, except the Faroe Islands and Greenland
France, including Monaco
Germany, except Busingen and the Isle of Heligoland
The Republic of Ireland
Italy, except the communes of Livigno and Campione d’Italia and the Italian waters of Lake Lugano
The Netherlands
Portugal, including the Azores and Madeira
Spain, including the Balearic Islands but excluding Cueta and Melilla

The exception to this is if you are a VAT registered company within the EU (but outside of the UK). You then pay the VAT directly in your return, and not at purchase time. For this, we will need your VAT number fully completed before you make your purchase. There is a tickbox in the registration and details page to allow you to specify this.

All UK purchasers, VAT registered or otherwise, have to pay VAT on their purchases.

Q. What credit cards do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, Switch, Solo, Visa Electron, JCB and Delta.

Q: Can you send me a CD or disc in the post?

We are very concious of the depletion of our planets' resources. To this end, all copies purchased direct from us will only be available for immediate download or via email. Your local dealer can provide you with a copy on CD or disc if you purchased it through them, although they may charge extra for this.

Q: Will I have to pay for upgrades?

Minor performance enhancements, compatibility improvements and bug-fixes will be provided free of charge via the website. Any major feature additions are likely to be released as a chargeable upgrade.

Q: If I purchase Aemulor now, can I upgrade to the Pro version later?

Yes. The upgrade is the different in price between the two versions (£49+vat)

Q: If I purchase one of the features of Geminus now, can I add features later?

Yes. You can purchasing only the features you need (for example if you only one monitor now, you can purchased the screen rotation feature, and if you later purchase as second monitor, you can add the dual monitor feature.

Q: Why do you need my machine ID?

Although the Internet provides an easy distribution mechanism for our software, it also gives software pirates an easy route to distribute software illegally. Each copy of our software is created dynamically on the website and will only run on the machine which matches the machine ID address you entered at purchasing time.

Q: How do I find my machine ID?

Use this small utility to read your machine ID

Q: What happends if my machine gets swapped with another because of a repair or fault?

There is a "Request change" facility on your "My software" page. This allows you to request your machine ID to be changed for another. Please ensure you enter the reason you are changing your machine ID.

Q: I am a RISC OS dealer. How do I purchase Aemulor?

Firstly, register yourself on the site as a dealer to create a login username and password. We will then apply dealer pricing to your account. You may then purchase as many copies of our software as you wish to re-sell to your customers or pre-install onto new machines you sell.

Q: I purchased my software from a dealer. How do I download upgrades?

You software could arrive from a dealer in one of two ways.

1. You receive an electronic voucher from your dealer containing a registration number and company code. You will then need to then register on the website, and click on the purchase link. There are fields on the purchasing page where you can enter your voucher details. You then enter the machien ID of your system and you can proceed to download your software. Your username and password will also allow you to download updates and later versions as if you had purchased the software directly from us.

2. Your software was pre-installed on a machine your purchased from a dealer. You will need to register on the website, then send an email to the dealer who you purchased your machine from. They can then transfer the software from their account to yours, allowing you to download future updates and upgrades.

Q: I already have a userid and password from aemulor.com - can I use these on this site?

Yes. If you have already registered a userid and password to purchase or download a demo of Aemulor from aemulor.com all these details have been migrated across to this site so you can continue to use the same userid and password.

The same userid and password can continue to be used on the support forums.