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Aemulor Professional for the Raspberry Pi
Aemulor Pi

Provides all the basic 26-bit compatibility features of Aemulor :

  • Full 26-bit application emulation (C, ARM Code etc)
  • StrongARM-class performance
  • 26-bit module support
  • 26-bit BASIC assembler support
  • BASIC programs run at native speed
  • RISC OS 4 > 5 SWI emulation
  • RISC OS 4 Internet error code emulation
  • SWI Flag preservation
  • Dynamic area creation in "low" memory

plus the following additional features:

  • support for low-bpp (2/4/16 colour) screenmodes (eg Sibelius and many games)

  • 26-bit sound module support (voice generators, linear handlers,
    channel handlers and schedulers)

  • 26-bit filing system support (eg. CFS, LanMan98FS, WebFS, Win95FS)

  • Simple emulation of the Archimedes hardware (VIDC/IOC) or
    RiscPC hardware (VIDC20/IOMD) which is directly accessed by
    some games.

  • Altered memory map and hardware configuration is presented
    to 26-bit code that expects certain addresses and controllers.

Latest version: 2.34
Compatibility :
RISC OS 3.1Not RISC OS 3.1 compatible Not compatible
RISC OS 3.5Not RISC OS 3.5 compatible Not compatible
RISC OS 4Not RISC OS 4 compatible Not compatible
RISC OS SelectNot RISC OS Select compatible Not compatible
IyonixNot Iyonix compatible Not compatible
A9HomeNot A9Home compatible Not compatible
Cortex A8/A9 (BeagleBoard, PandaBoard, ARMini)Not Cortex A8/A9 (BeagleBoard, PandaBoard, ARMini) compatible Not compatible
Raspberry PiRaspberry Pi compatible Compatible
Pricing:14.99+vat (3.00)

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