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Aemulor Pro Frequently Asked Questions

Updated 6/05/04

Q. What is Aemulor Pro?

Ameulor Pro is an upgrade to Aemulor containing more functionality and increased compatibility

Q. When will Pro be released?

Aemulor Pro is now available. See below for upgrade instructions.

Q. How do I know if I need Aemulor Pro?

Check the compatibility database. That indicates what software requires Aemulor Pro and what runs under Aemulor. As a general rule, if you have 26-bit software which uses sound, is a filing system, uses low colour screen modes, or requires IOMD/VIDC (ie many games) then you are likely to require Aemulor Pro.

Q. What are the differences between the two versions?

The main changes between the two versions are :

  • New "tasks window" that shows the applications that Aemulor is running and any dynamic areas that are being emulated at low addresses for those apps. It also shows the emulation mode for each task, and the amount of memory being used by the emulation.
  • Includes support for 26-bit sound (8-bit voice generators and 16-bit linear handlers).
  • Supports 26-bit filing systems.
  • Support for low-bpp screen modes (2,4 and 16 colours) and provides screen resolutions that are unavailable natively to allow older games to work.
  • Emulation of IOMD/VIDC20 and IOC/VIDC for those programs, especially games and demoes, that directly access hardware.
  • Includes support for IRQ/device handlers (OS_ClaimDeviceVector)

Q. Does Pro contain all the features of Aemulor?

Yes. If you have Pro, you do not also need Aemulor.

Q. How do I upgrade from Aemulor to Aemulor Pro?

Login to the website using the userid and password you used to purchase Aemulor. Visit the "My Downloads" page. There will be an upgrade link next to your copy of Aemulor. Click on this and follow the ordering and payment process.

Q. I purchased Aemulor from a dealer and dont have a login to the website. How do I upgrade?

You should contact the same dealer to purchase your Aemulor Pro upgrade.

Q. Will you continue to update Aemulor once Pro is released?

Aemulor will continue to be updated with minor compatibility improvements and bug fixes, but any new functionality or emulation enhancements will be made only in Aemulor Pro.