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Geminus Frequently Asked Questions

Updated 8/12/05

Q. What is Geminus?

Geminus is our graphics enhancement software.

Q. When will Geminus be released?

Three of the initial features of Geminus are now available.

Q. What hardware does Geminus run on?

So far all features of Geminus require an IYONIX pc.

Q. What are features?

Geminus has been developed in a modular fasion. This allows us to release some of the development without having to wait until we've finished the entire suite of features.

Q. What features are currently available?

Screen rotation, Multi-screen and graphics acceleration

Q. How do I use the muti-screen software?

You will need to purchase a second PCI graphics card for your IYONIX pc. These are available from the purchasing pages. You can get a discount on Geminus if you purchase both at the same time.

Q. If I want to add more features later, can I do so?

Yes. As we release additional features, you can purchase these and add them to your existing software. You will be provided with a download which has all the features you have purchased enabled.

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